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What is an SLR?

Considering that this entire site is based upon the digital camera sensor and keeping it clean, we should start by discussing what exactly a sensor is. But first lets take a step back and get a basic understanding of how an SLR camera (film or digital) works.

A single lens reflex (SLR) camera distinguishes itself from other cameras by enabling the photographer to see the image exactly as it will be captured on the film or sensor beforehand through a viewfinder. This is done via a reflecting mirror that passes the image through a pentaprism and onto an eyepiece through which the photographer finds the view. When the camera trigger is pulled, the mirror lifts out of the way, and the shutter opens up to let the light pass through onto the film or sensor, capturing the image. Now that we have a basic understanding of the mechanics of an SLR camera we can now discuss the sensor.

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